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RIDE READY (Basic) $75 

adjust gears and brakes (except bleeds), includes safety check, adjusting headset tightness, chain wipedown and lube, inflate tires, wipe down frame 


Ride Ready Tune Up PLUS: true front and rear wheels, chain cleaning and lube, labor to install grips or bar tape, wipe down entire bike 


Race ready Tune Up PLUS: headset and bottom bracket service, hub set service, labor to install new cables and housing, thorough drivetrain clean and relube, detailed bike cleaning, labor to install new tires/tubes 

*Tune Up packages do not include parts 


Flat Change (new tube/tire or both)  $10                                      

Install cable & readjust component   $15 

Adjust derailleur   $12                                                                       

Adjust Brake    $10 

Install new housing & cable and readjust  $20                             

Install new grips/bar tape   $15 

Bleed brake  $25                                                                                

Install new brake pads and readjust brake  $13 

Install new crank or bottom bracket  $25                                     

Install or remove pedals  $5 

Install or replace chainring $15                                                      

Install chain $10 

Install or replace cassette/freewheel  $12                                   

Adjust headset $5 

Overhaul/Service headset $25                                                       

Install new stem  $10 

Install saddle   $10                                                                           

Tighten hub $12 

Service hub  $25                                                                               

Replace Derailleur and readjust $16 

Replace brake and readjust (bleed not included) $20               

True wheel  $20 

Replace spoke ($2/spoke)  and true wheel $30                         

Install rack or fenders $20 

Replace shifter and readjust  $16                                                 

Box up bike   $70 

Build boxed bike  $75                                                                      

Frame build up   $175 

Wheel build   $75                                                                             

Drivetrain cleaning $25 

Bike Clean without drivetrain cleaning $25                                

Bike detailing  $60 

Install new fork (without new headset) $25                              

Install headset $16